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Getting to a little place we call The End

Montauk is the last town on the eastern tip of Long Island…affectionately known as The End.

It’s a beach-y fishing town with a dose of local surf culture that’s been a relaxed getaway for us from the white-hot NYC summers. We love it there, and we hope you will too.

Getting to Montauk:

Whether it’s by train, plane or automobile, there are plenty of easy ways to get to Montauk.


Rent a car and get a map, silly! It’s about a 3 hour drive east from NYC to Montauk.



Sit back, relax and arrive hassle-free! (but don’t forget a sweater! Brrr, that train A/C gets cold!)

Frequent Trains run from Penn Station, NYC to Montauk on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR). Fares are around $25 peak times and $18.50 off-peak.

Visit  for train information

The Jitney:

Ok, you Guys, “Jitney” is just Hamptons fancy-talk for the Bus or Coach. The Jitney is comfy, quiet and my preferred way to get to Montauk without a car.

Frequent Jitney’s leave from the corner of 40th and Lexington in east Midtown Manhattan. Booking in advance is recommended (It’s only necessary to book the week or so before you travel- no need to book too far in advance. Same day booking are usually no problem either). They accept cash and cards on board. A Jitney ticket will cost you $30 one way, $53 round-trip.

Jitney website:

If you like the phrase “Upgrade!” (and who doesn’t?), then there is a luxury bus called the Hampton Ambassador. It’s run by the Jitney and departs/arrives from the same place. It features reclining leather seats and wi-fi, snacks and reading materials. It’s a few bucks more that the standard jitney.

Hamptons Ambassador:


Well, I’ve never flown to Montauk, but I hear there’s an airport there: Just don’t pull a JFK Jr. en route to our wedding, mmkay? (No commercial flights- charter only)