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So we’ve finally settled on a 2 week trip to Thailand for our honeymoon. We’re so excited!!! There were lots of destination contenders, as I’m a hopeless Gemini and completely incapable of making a decision when faced with so many alluring options (you mean I can choose from anywhere?Anywhere in the World?!), and Daniel is so happy-go-lucky that he said “yes!” to every suggestion I came up with.

But we think we’re on to a winner with Thailand, as we both want a genuine tropical getaway as well as amazing food and a cultural experience; so we’re starting in the islands for some unabashedly indulgent relaxation (Hello, Six Senses Phuket!) and then heading north to Chiang Mai for some cooking, night markets, temples and the warmth of the Thai people.

We leave Monday the 21st and plan on generally relaxing on Yao Noi Island near Phuket after we arrive from a somewhat long journey via Hong Kong. We DO however have the following activities on our radar:

Spa: I mean! Of course we need to spa!


We also want to take in the natural beauty of the gorgeous archipelago that lies in Phang Nga Bay. Snorkeling and longboating awaits!

There will of course be dining and drinking! Daniel requests that he has at least two drinks in his hand at most times: a Pina Colada in one, and a virgin Pina Colada in the other (don’t ask…I’m marrying a kook ;)

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