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Help us set up home!

We’re very lucky to have lots of things that we already need, but we’ve put together a few lists for some special items that will make our house into the newest Stedman family home!

(We tried to keep it simple but ultimately have had to choose 3 Registry sites to encompass the variety of items we need. Have a browse through them all!)

Kate and Daniel at

The Home: Let’s just say that blending the contents of our respective singleton apartments into our current  coupled home had it’s painful moments (yes, Mr Shabby Chic Rocking Chair, I’m still looking at you!), but we both love all these beautiful items and chose them together. You’ll find assorted artful items for bath, dining, and living on this list (and it also has the added benefit of being a fully Brooklyn-based boutique registry- stay local!) :-

The Kitchen: We love to cook. Daniel woo’d me with his amazing “clams and chorizo” recipe on one of our first dates. He even shucked fresh oysters for me! (I think I  knew right then and there that he was a keeper!) On this list you’ll find lots of ideas to help us keep our cooking skills up to scratch for each other:

And everything else… (including the Honeymoon): This list comprises a variety of items that didn’t fall into the categories above: books, luggage, assorted home items, and for those of you that would like to help us out with the Honeymoon to Thailand, you can contribute here as well. (to learn more about our honeymoon, visit our honeymoon post!)

Kate and Daniel at

…If you’re looking for a more hand-picked gift, Daniel and I are also busy building our vinyl collection, so musical contributions are always welcome- whether it’s old, new, avant guard, or a classic, we’d love to get new music!